50 Simple & Efficient Ways To Burn Calories & Lose Weight Fast

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If someone told you that the only way to burn fat was heavy exercises, I am sure you will be disappointed. But, if someone told you that there were many other ways that are simple and easy, won’t you have some ray of hope?

You don’t always need to spend hours at the gym to burn those extra calories. The simple day-to-day activities can be as useful as working out to burn calories. The below mentioned simple activities can help you burn 100 calories or more without much effort. Incorporate them into your daily life to fight the excess fat.

Let us have a glimpse at the 50 easy ways to burn excess calories and fight fat:

1. Rope Jumping:

Take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule to jump rope. Jumping rope at a moderate pace will burn around 107 calories.

2. Dance:

Tune into your favorite song and dance your heart out for 20 minutes. Choose high tempo music for an added kick. This will get your heart racing too, thereby burning calories.

3. Playing with Kids:

Spend half an hour with your kids playing casual games like hide and seek, badminton or hopscotch. Even chasing the kids can burn 120 calories.

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