17 Most Effective Weight Loss Workout – No Equipment Required

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WHY IT WORKS: The bucking hop is a total body exercise that challenges your shoulders and core to the max. Because the motion trains hand-balancing, it bulletproofs your shoulders and adds slabs of muscle to your upper body. These hops also teach your core muscles how to stabilize your spine during ballistic and multi-directional movement of your lower body. If you’re training for a mud run or other extreme race that requires you to climb over and under obstacles, master this move.

HOW TO DO IT: Assume a push-up position with your elbows soft and slightly flexed and your knees bent at 90-degree angles. Begin by hopping your feet up and down while landing softly and creating buoyancy in your hands and feet. Then hop your feet to the left, then back to the middle, then to the right, and back to the middle again – all while keeping your palms firmly planted into the floor and your hips and shoulders square throughout the movement. Don’t rush yourself on this one –it’s okay to make very small hops at first. Over time you’ll increase your height. Advanced practitioners will nearly assume a handstand push-up position.

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