17 Most Effective Weight Loss Workout – No Equipment Required

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WHY IT WORKS: If you want to work your lungs and legs in a hurry, you can’t go wrong with skater jump. This dynamic move heats up your hips and heart without causing as much stress to your knees as other jumping drills. The movement mimics speed skating on dry land, training your hips in the often-neglected side-to-side plane of motion, which helps reduce the risk of ACL tears when training or playing sports.

HOW TO DO IT: Start with your weight on your right leg with your knee bent. Your left knee will also be bent, so that your foot is held slightly off the ground. Push off your right leg and jump to your left, landing softly and holding that position for a one-count, keeping your hips back and down throughout. Reverse the movement and repeat for 30-60 seconds, gradually increasing your speed and range of motion. Imagine you are in a tiny house with a low ceiling throughout the exercise, keeping your head and hips down to protect your knees.

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