17 Most Effective Weight Loss Workout – No Equipment Required

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WHY IT WORKS: Many people consider the Turkish Get-up, where you move from lying on your back to a full standing position and back, to be the ultimate total body exercise. But that motion can be tough and technical movement to perform, especially in a state of fatigue. Enter my favorite metabolic version of a get-up: Kick-Throughs. This movement will make you feel like you’re break-dancing the fat off of your belly. Along the way, you’ll improve shoulder strength and stability, and also get a great burn through your hips, obliques and abs.

HOW TO DO IT: Start in a bent-knee push-up position with your palms underneath your shoulders and knees bent at 90-degree angles, feet underneath your hips. Kick your right leg underneath as you roll onto your right hand to assume a 1-arm,1-leg hip bridge position. Hold for a one-count, then reverse the movement and repeat on the other side. Move at a slower, more-controlled pace if it’s difficult, or even try a modified version called “sit-throughs,” where you sit on the outside of your hip as you move to each side. Or to ramp up the intensity, perform the isometric holds for 3 to 5 seconds, rather than a one-count.

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