17 Most Effective Weight Loss Workout – No Equipment Required

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WHY IT WORKS: Monkey lunges are an amazing way to open up your inner thighs and hips. If you’ve ever suffered from groin pulls or tightness then this move is exactly what the doctor ordered. This exercise mobilizes your hips in a side-to-side frontal plane of motion, hitting your outer hip and glute muscles more than other forward lunging and crawling exercises. Your shoulders will feel pretty smoked, too.

HOW TO DO IT: Step to your left and lower your body into a lateral lunge, placing both hands on the floor. Without moving your feet, lift your hands and hips slightly and shift your weight over your right foot, so you end up in a right lateral lunge. Alternate back and forth for 30 to 60 seconds. To really kick up the burn, turn this movement into a monkey shuffle run by simultaneously loading your hands, lifting your hips and shuffling your feet side-to-side between right and left lunge positions.

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